Little tip to speed up your play pace.

2017年12月14日 |

Here is Maria. I would like to take this opportunity to advise you on how you may speed up the play pace of your group when you feel fit.
Every time you finish a hole, you naturally feel like to clean up your clubs and put them inside your bag at their proper place. But this takes time to do it.

Specially when you are in hurry, the group in front of you is nowhere to be seen, I suggest that when you finish a hole, you bring all the clubs you have in your hands and seat on the cart moving towards the next hole.

When you arrive on the next tee- ground, you may fix your clubs and while you are doing that, other partner may hit off speeding up the pace.
It would be great to play in a nice pace without making other people wait for you to move on.

Best regards and great golf to everyone!




マリア プリシラ イイダ

マリア プリシラ イイダ



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