Fixing the bunker

2017年12月20日 |

Hello, everybody!
This time I come to comment about what can you do after a bunker shot. You fix everything you did with the sand with a rake, at least that’s what is expected of you.
Sometimes people are so concentrated on their next shot that they forget to fix the mess that they left on the bunker.

You may fix it but the next group of people playing the very same hole, may feel a little bit uncomfortable according to the things you left – undone.
What if the next time you land at a bunker in a situation like this?

Not happy, right?

So if you are considerate enough, try to leave the spot you hit, in the best condition you can.

Try for example, to fix the sand with the part of the rake that has no indentations, or the flat part of it.

Here we go! The next person to hit from the very same spot has no reason to claim about it.

Let’s enjoy golf with no troubles.
Wish you good luck,



マリア プリシラ イイダ

マリア プリシラ イイダ



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