Hand position at the bunker shot.

2017年12月8日 |

Greetings, everyone!
Today I am giving you a tip that may help you with your bunker shots.
When it comes to bunker shots around the green, we usually intend to make the ball trajectory to go high enough so it goes easily out of the bunker.

Many people address the ball with an open stance and hands-first type of positioning.

With this kind of address, you may have the opposite result: low trajectory of the ball, unless you make a GREAT effort using the wrists to send the ball upwards.

I recommend that you try the opposite, bringing the hands position a little bit behind.

It will be easier for you to perform a swing in which your wrists will move freely upwards at follow-through, resulting in a high ball trajectory shot.

Give it a try and let me know your thoughts on it.
Best regards,



マリア プリシラ イイダ

マリア プリシラ イイダ



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