How to use the Tee-off ground in your benefit.

2017年12月5日 |

Hello, everybody!
I come this time to share with you a tip about the teeing-off ground.
When you are about to stick your tee on the tee ground I usually see people choosing the flattest spot to do it. Obviously, a nice lie is important.
But one more thing is very important : deciding where you want to hit your ball and to be able to do it.
Once deciding where you want to go, pick the best angle or side of it.

For example, here I am at a hole that I want to hit my shot at the LEFT SIDE of the fairway.
If I stick my tee on the left-hand side of tee-ground there is a good probability that my ball will land on the right-hand side of the fairway.

So if I want to increase the chances of my ball landing on the left side of the fairway, I should stick my tee on the right-hand side of the teeing ground as follows:

Of course, you must have in mind what type of shot that you hit, draw/hook or fade/slice. Take it in consideration and make the best choice in every and each hole.
Best of luck,



マリア プリシラ イイダ

マリア プリシラ イイダ



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