Half Round in Lake Green Golf Club(yuki&maria)

2017年10月20日 |

Greetings, everyone!(o^^o)

This is Maria reporting a lesson that myself and Yukita san hosted at
November 12th in Lake Green Golf Club.

It was very cloudy but quite pleasant temperature, no rain at all.

As usual, the day started with us welcoming our guests for the day.

Followed by counseling, where we want to hear from you what parts of
your game you want to work through out the day.

Before hitting any balls, Yukita san provided warming up and
stretching to our guests.

Then we started with short game, approaches and bunker shot lessons.

Followed by long game lessons.

After lunch break, we provided our guests with putting lessons.
I think it was a good preparation before playing.

And finally time came to play at the course for 9 holes.

I also joined, playing for few holes.

I hope everyone had a productive, fun day. The lesson ended by 16:00
in the afternoon.
We as coaches tried our best to provide our guests the information
they were looking for.
Wish you all good luck with your game and see you next time.




マリア プリシラ イイダ

マリア プリシラ イイダ



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